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Ardiya Industrial Estate
Mohammed Al Kasim Street
Behind Rabiya Gas Station
P.O.Box :126 Safat Ė 13002 Kuwait

Sales Office: 1802828, 1809809

The names of Al-Yousifi and National (now known as Panasonic) have been virtual synonyms in Kuwait since 1955, the year in which Easa Husain Al-Yousifi and Matsushita Electric of Japan joined hands to supply the people living in Kuwait with superior electronic consumer goods and kitchen appliances.

Today the Consumer Electronics Division sells almost every category of consumer products manufactured by Panasonic. Panasonicís share of the Kuwaiti market for these products is higher than its market share anywhere else in the world, including its health and beauty care line and other household products.

Besides Panasonic, the Consumer Electronics Division offers other well-respected brands, such as Sharp from Japan, White-Westinghouse from the US, Ignis and DeLonghi from Italy, and many others, to cover the full range of products from home appliances to kitchenware, audio and video products, and hand-held devices. The Division has overall a 30% share of the consumer electronics market in Kuwait.

Much of Al-Yousifiís marketing in Kuwait is due to the superior quality, both in design and production, of the goods it offers the customers and the value-for-money that its pricing policies provide. This success is also due, in no small part, to the superiority of Al-Yousifiís distribution and promotional skill. Al-Yousifi distributes its consumer products through its showrooms and through dealerships. It also sells its health and beauty care line and batteries through small electric supply shops, stationery outlets, supermarkets, and pharmacies, and co-operative stores.

The company has invested in building solid relationships grounded on mutual respect with third party dealers in the knowledge that, when dealers regard a supplier in a favorable light, they put more effort into marketing that supplierís product. This investment has paid off and today the showrooms of some of these dealers are treated like small branches of the company itself.

At the same time, Al-Yousifi has invested heavily in its showrooms to make certain they are always perceived as attractive and inviting shopping environments.

The company also ensures that the showroom staff is able to provide customers with superior service and satisfy the needs that bring them to the showroom. Product knowledge is imparted by experts sent by the manufacturers for first-hand technical training, while Al-Yousifiís Human Resources Department offers special training courses to improve selling techniques.

The quality of products and services guarantees that customers will come back again and again.